EyeCQR Charger Locker
EyeCQR Charger Locker
EyeCQR Charger Locker

EyeCQR Charger Locker

  • High Security Facial Recognition Locking System

  • s8 Locker Boxes: Charging up to 24 mobile devices simultaneously

  • s3 Cables in each Locker Boxes: Apple MFi Licensed Lightning Cable, Apple Legacy Cable & Micro USB Cable

  • Snap open advertising light box

  • Administrator manual control system



Size of Product:
1870 x 540 x 250mm
Size of Advertisement:
380 x 180mm
Power Output Ports:
24 X 5V/ 1A


Technical specifications:

Facial recognition technology
- Model name: Embedded Infrared Facial Recognition
- Platform Model: AccuFACE EFR-M1
- MIPS: 4,800~5,600 MIPS
- Frame Rate: 4~6 FPS
- Face Detection: 50 ms
- Feature Extraction: 100~150 ms
- Feature Comparison: 20~50 ms
Facial Recognition Engine:
- Image Resolution: 720 x 480 pixels
- FAR: <0.001% at suggested threshold
- FRR: <0.5% at suggested threshold
- Pose Tolerance:
Tilt: 15 degree
Yaw: 15 degree
Roll: 15 degree
- Template Size: Fixed or Adaptive, configurable
- Default user template size: 20Kbytes
Functions even at dim lighting condition with active
near Infrared illumination works with in-door and out-door
lighting conditions (except extreme conditions)
Supports user who wears glasses not affected
by background distortion. High tolerance to changes in hairstyle,facial expression, beard/facial hair, scars, etc.

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